The final innovation we would like to mention is the Peecon XYZ 24/7 concept. We believe that it will be very well-received on the coming international trade fairs.

20 years ago, it was our objective to bring affordable feeding systems within reach of all customers. Today, we are the first ones to take up the challenge to develop a fully automated feeding process: the Peecon XYZ 24/7 full automatic silage cutting and distributing system. In order to realise this and combine specific know-how, we teamed up with a number of companies.
These include Agridek from the Netherlands, specialists in silage coverage;
Demag from Germany, regarding drives and transport means;
and Vansichen from Belgium, concerning linear technologies and measurements.
These strong parties are going to help us realise our autonomous feeding system.

Roughly, the system works as follows: the silage pit is fitted with concrete walls that have integrated rail systems to move the XYZ construction. On this portal, an Agridek silage coverage system is mounted, plus a bridge construction for the X and Z axes. The vertical Z axis is equipped with a cutting system, which can be provided with a 3-sided sawing knife, a cutting facility, or a suction nozzle.

The fully automated feed-cutting system, in combination with the automatic rolling of the cover of the silage, will ensure that the user does not need to carry out any manual operations. This way, a fully autonomous feeding system is realised.

The invention comprises a number of cutting facilities that have been pre-programmed to move in XYZ direction. This cutting device is coupled by means of a tube- and hose system, which has a suction fan at the end to drain away the feed during the cutting process and move it to the desired location. The feed is dropped at the end location, for example a nearby Biga tub (a mixing tub that can be moved anywhere around the farm by means of a rail system with integrated power supply), a traditional feed mixer or another type of feeding system. The feed may also be discharged to a conveyor belt or similar. Or it may supply biogas mixers. The combination of cutting and suction of the feed is unique and provides many possibilities to transport feed to any desired destination. The system can be used to cut feed on a 24/7 basis, without limitations. By pre-programming the cutting pattern, strips of 50×25 cm can be cut, guaranteeing the supply of fresh feed at all times. The heavy manual labour of opening and closing the silage pit has also become a thing of the past.